Sole Treadmill Reviews – A Guide to the Sole F80, The Sole f63 and more!

In the last few years, running seems to have gotten more popular then ever before. Many of us hit the pavement several times per week or head down to the local gym to run on their treadmill equipment. But when bad weather hits or we don’t have the time to drive down to the gym, we miss a workout. Like most things, missing a workout generally progresses to missing another workout.Sole Treadmill


For these reasons, many people are turning to buying a treadmill for their own home gym. If you’ve been thinking about getting a new treadmill yourself, you may have run across the name Sole Treadmill. Sole Fitness, the company behind these Treadmills, builds high quality treadmills for affordable prices.

Sole has a nice combination of models, with several designed for home use and several others designed for light commercial applications. This provides you plenty of choices when it comes to building a quality home gym. Sole focuses on using the best components to build quality treadmills that will last for years to come.

That is why many of there models have been named a best buy by several consumer resources and magazines. The quality and durability of these treadmills speak for themselves. Sole equipment is used by hotels nationwide and the Sole brand has been one of the fastest growing fitness brands for the last 5 years.

One other area where Sole stands above the rest is in the area of warranties. Their warranties set the bar for the industry. Sole Treadmills come with a lifetime warranty on frames and motors. Some models also come with a lifetime warranty on the deck too. Most electronics come with a three or five year warranty and a one or two year labor warranty. This helps give you some assurance that when you buy a Sole Treadmill, you are buying something that will work for you for a long time.

Benefits of walking and jogging on a treadmill

Control PanelBefore we take a closer look at Sole Treadmills to see what sets them apart from the rest, let’s take a look at the benefits of walking and jogging in general, so you can confirm is buying a treadmill is the right move for you.

There are several great benefits from jogging. The first one of these is for loosing weight. About 60% of all people who start to jog do so to try and manage their weight. This is great since jogging is one of the top activities for burning fat. Another benefit of running is that helps to prevent muscle and bone loss as we age. It reduces the risk of certain types of cancer and strokes. The list goes on and on.

But why jog on a treadmill? First off, you no longer have to worry about the weather. This can be a serious benefit in places where it snows a lot, rains a lot, or when the temperature starts to really heat up. Secondly, a quality treadmill offers better shock absorption, which means that you will have less stress on your knees and ankles.

Next up, it gives you the ability to vary your course. You can setup a program that varies the incline and speed, so you can simulate different terrains then what is around your house. One other great benefit is that it tends to be safer then running outdoors, where you have to worry about cars, bikes, animals or potential attackers, especially if you run by yourself.

Another benefit over a gym is that you save time. You no longer have to get in the car, drive down to the gym, get in the gym, put your stuff in a locker and find an open treadmill. You could easily save 30 minutes to an hour a day. One last benefit to consider is that you can do a little multi-tasking. Want to catch up on an episode of your favorite show you missed while you run or read an eBook? No problem!

Sole Treadmills

Sole LogoOnce you’ve made the decision that you want to get a treadmill, the next thing to do is to select a brand to go with. We’ve already talked about how Sole Fitness is a leader in the design and build of quality treadmills. But what makes a good treadmill?

One of the first things you want to look at is the motor, as it does the most work while you use the treadmill. What you want to look for here is what the continuous duty rating is. This is measured in horsepower. You want a treadmill that has at least a 2 HP rating, preferably more.

The next thing to look at is size. You want to make sure that the deck is wide enough and long enough to support your running stride. Make sure that they handle’s feel strong and are easy to reach if you feel unsteady for some reason.

One of the big appeals for many people is a nice, large quality display. Is it easy to read? Are there separate buttons for each of the major features that are easy to identify and use? Does it offer different workout options? These are all key aspects of a display that you will want to think about.

There are a few other things you need to consider. What weight capacity will you need? You need to compare this to the heaviest person that will be using it and stay well within the recommended guidelines. How often will you be using it? If you will be using it a lot for long periods of time, quality makes a big difference.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in a treadmill, let’s take a look at some of the different models offered by Sole to see if one of them might work for you.


There are several different models of Sole Treadmills on the market today and each one has a slightly different target user, based on the features and capacities of the treadmill. Sole currently has six different models on the market today. They include:

*Sole F63
*Sole F80
*Sole F85
*Sole S73
*Sole S77
*Sole TT8 (Light Commercial)

We have individual reviews for each of the models on our site, but let’s take a quick look at each model here, so you have some idea of what the differences are.

Sole F63

Sole F63Dubbed by several consumer resources as “simply the best quality treadmill in its price range”, the F63 is quite the deal. As the least expensive treadmill in the Sole offering, it still comes with a 3 HP motor when rated at continuous duty. It also offers an incline of up to 15% while maintaining a speed of 12 miles per hour. It always displays the speed, time, incline, calories, distance traveled, the calories and the pace, so you won’t have to a wait for a menu to scroll back around. With a folding body, a two-ply belt and a weight capacity of 325 pounds, there is little not to like about the Sole F63. For a complete Sole F63 Review, click here.

Sole F80

F80 TreadmillDubbed by both consumer resources and consumers as “the best treadmill in its price range”, the F80 has what they call the Cushion Flex Whisper Deck, which claims to reduce impact up to 40% as compared to running on asphalt. It comes with a 3.5 HP Continuous duty rated motor. Like the F63, it also can go up to 12 miles per hour and an incline of up to 15%. It also has one of the leading warranties in the industry, including a lifetime warranty on the deck. The display continuously shows all the same readouts as the F63. It also increases the weight capacity, up to 375 pounds. For a complete Sole F80 Review, click here.

Sole F85

F85 TreadmillThis is the top selling model for Sole. It features a powerful 4 HP rated for continuous duty. It offers an extra wide 22” deck. Like the other models, it can go up to 12 miles per hour and an incline of up to 15%. It has Cushion Flex Shock Absorption Deck and is the longest commercial sized belt that Sole offers. It shows all the same display items as the previous models on a continuous basis and has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. For a complete Sole F85 Review, click here.

Sole S77

S77 TreadmillFeaturing a 3.5 HP Continuous Duty motor and a 22” wide deck, the S77 has all the power you will ever need. It can go up to 12 miles per hour and a 15% incline. It provides all the continuous data that you need, so you won’t have to scroll through menus to find the information you want. With a 400 pound capacity and a great warranty, it is built to last. For a complete Sole S77 Review, click here.

Sole TT8

TT* TreadmillThe TT8 is Soles light commercial model. It was designed to compete with commercial quality treadmills, but at a much lower price point. It offers a 22” wide deck, a 425 pound capacity, a reversible deck, top speed of 12 miles per hour, top incline of 15%, a 3.5 HP motor and a 10 pound flywheel. Sole claims that it is the finest treadmill that they make. For a complete Sole TT8 review, click here.


QualityHopefully this article on Sole Treadmill Reviews has provided you with a brief introduction to the Treadmills as a whole and the different models they offer on the market today. For more information on any of the models, follow the link to the individual review. Also, have a look at our featured articles on the side bar and the top menu for comparison charts and other great information. If you would like to see current pricing on the treadmills currently being offered by Sole, click here to go straight to amazon.